Thai Buddha Photography

In the early 1970s I was a Peace Corps volunteer in northern Thailand, living near several major archaeological ruins sites – Sukothai and Srisatchanali primarily. I wandered through these ruins extensively, just me and my motorcycle and camera. They were largely deserted at that time, except for local villagers. My camera, for many of these photos, was a Bronica medium-format camera (similar to a Hasselblad) which uses much larger film than a 35mm camera, hence offers considerably higher resolution. Many ruins were completely unrestored, covered by dense, tangled and cobra-infested scrub jungle for the last 500 years, while others had been roughly maintained, but had not been massively restored as is true today. These photographs are, in a sense, a time capsule of the way it was before the tourist boom. I am not a practicing Buddhist, but have a deep respect for the Buddhist philosophy, refined on many trips to Buddhist countries and areas in Southeast and South Asia, but mainly Nepal and Thailand. Enjoy the pictures!